Donning a custom tailored suit enhances your style quotient, besides adding a flamboyant appeal. Indeed – a Bespoke Suit builds-up a superior confidence to your personality. Period.

A bespoke suit, has always been a staple in men’s wardrobe.

So – even if a suit isn’t your regular attire, you would need to have one for a few special occasions like a Job Interview, a Wedding, a Formal Business Meeting, or an important Family Dinner.

Though the market is awash with myriad suit style options, if you are looking for that perfect fit, going bespoke is the only failsafe way out.

This post highlights FIVE key areas to consider when you order a custom tailored suit. Let’s take a look.

1. Fit

It goes without saying that Custom Tailored Clothing is all about the right fit. Very aptly, it’ll be good to go without a suit than a badly-fitted one. Look at the following three suit-fits to consider for your next bespoke…

Slim Fit

Slim fit suit is fitted close to the body. The fit is suitable for lean body type and is a perfect go-to option for formal gatherings.

Classic Fit

Classic fit is more comfortable and easy to wear than slim fit. Its cut generously along the chest and waist, maintaining a clean body shape without any constriction.

Modern Fit

Modern fit is a combination of both Slim and Classic fit. It’s not too boxy like a Classic Fit, and offers more room for the body movements than a Slim Fit.

2. Lapels

Wearing an outdated lapel. It may just indicate that your suit is older than you are. And you aren’t serious about your clothing style. Going by the rule of thumb, the lapel should mimic the width of the ties you wear. That said, fat ties are out of fashion and so are fat lapels. Here’re some stylish lapel ideas you may like to consider:

Notch Lapel

Notch lapels are ideal for meetings, interviews, and formal gatherings, but unsuitable for date nights or other social events. Also, such lapels go with the single breasted jackets.

Peak Lapel

Though Peak Lapels are traditionally used on double-breasted suits, using these on a single breasted suit is trending now. Go for peak lapels, if you want to add a Sharp Detailing to your custom suit.

Shawl Lapel

Shawl lapels are exclusively seen on tuxedos & dinner jackets and usually worn at Black-tie Events. They add detail to the suit jacket and look graceful. If you want to keep your bespoke wardrobe fashion-forward, shawl lapel makes an ideal choice for you.

3. Vents

Vents play a key role in defining the shape of the jacket and ultimately the entire fit. The type of vent you choose, dramatically changes your suit’s fit. Different types of vent styles available for bespoke suits include:

Center Vent

Center vent is a single vent in the suit jacket. It is a signature style of American suits that gives the wearer a boxy appearance. The vent should lie closed while wearing the jacket. And if doesn’t then the jacket fit is not right.

Side Vents

Popular with British-Suit cuts, they allow easy access to trouser pockets without the jacket bunching up. Double vents look distinctive and favored by many designers.

No Vent

Preferred by Italians, no-vent suits offer a more fitted look. It is an ideal choice for those who want to keep their look clean and sleek. The downside is that the jacket bunches up when you put hands in the pocket or sit down.

4. Buttons

The main choice is between two-button and three-button on the front of the suit jacket. The most preferred choice & trending,  is a Two-Button jacket for most men.

One-button Jackets

One-Button Jackets are usually worn for Black-tie events and are not as versatile as other two options.

Two-button Jackets

Two-button Jackets offer the most classic look. This style suits almost every body type. These suits are ideal for both official and social gatherings.

Three-button Jackets

Three-button jackets are ideal for tall men and also for men who like to wear a waistcoat beneath the jacket.  These are suitable mostly for formal occasions.

5. Trousers

Choosing the right type of trouser for your bespoke suit can be tricky.

That’s because trends change too often. Pleats, for example, are widely preferred by the majority of male fraternity, but often deemed outdated by young buyers. These days – the flat-front pants are more popular than pleated ones, but there is really no substitute to the comfort offered by pleats. So, if pleat is your thing, go for a discrete or least billowy option to get the perfect look.

Time to Step-out in Style

These were some of the tips you must keep in mind when ordering a custom tailored suit. You, however, need to team-up with an experienced tailor who can also advise you on suitable suit style option matching your personality and the body, in order to master the perfect look.

That’s exactly, where we have been, and will continue to assist our clients.

At Fitwel, each garment is crafted with an acute eye for detail and comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. To enhance your style quotient, contact us.