Seasons change, styles come and go, but some clothings are timeless. Bespoke suits is one such elegant clothing. No matter the occasion, a man can never go wrong with a bespoke suit. It’s like a stylish armour in their wardrobe that leaves a lasting impression wherever they go. If you are planning to add a custom suit to your wardrobe collection, there are certain custom men’s suits styles that are a lifetime investment. In this blog post, we list five such fashion-forward suits that you can wear at any occasion and in any season.

1. Wool Suit

If suits are your fashion statement clothing, breathable wool suit is what you cannot afford to not have in your wardrobe. A custom tailored stylish wool suit helps you to maintain your cool and style at every occasion or event, such as job interview or an evening gathering in any weather. Detail the designer with your body sizes to ensure the shoulder, sleeves, and width of the suit correspond to respect sizes. Color of the wool suit also plays a significant role in defining your look. Go for navy blue or Charcoal Grey to make a bold statement.

2. Grey Flannel Suit

For over 100 years, gray flannel suits have been an integral part of every man’s wardrobe. The suit is a wardrobe staple for breezier months as the fabric doesn’t allow the breeze to get past, keeping you warm. Getting a custom tailored grey flannel ensures that the shoulder, collar, and sleeves of the jacket correspond to the natural shape of your shoulder, neck, and hands. Since the grey flannel suit offers a more refined, stylish, and rebellious look, it is suitable for all events. Wear it with the right accessories for a powerful look.

3. Khaki Cotton Suit

Khaki cotton suit is a timeless aesthetic clothing that will save your day when you are out of choices. The fabric is just perfect for any occasion and season, particularly summer. A hand tailored khaki cotton suit for office is a marvelous choice for it gives you a stylish appeal without compromising on the professional touch. Pair it with a short sleeve shirt and canvas sneakers for a stylish appeal. You may want to give socks a miss for a more contemporary look.

4. Double-Breasted Suit

A double-breasted suit defines class. It is the easiest way to get a masculine look while maintaining elegance. When designing a hand tailored double-breasted suit, work with the tailor to get the perfect fit. Make sure the shoulders of the jacket correspond with your skeletal structure, while the jacket’s collar rests against the shirt’s collar sans any gap or bunching, especially when you turn to a side. Also, make sure the pitch of the sleeves corresponds with your natural stance to make sure the fabric doesn’t twist, resulting in wrinkles.

5. Tuxedo

Tuxedo is a timeless clothing that has been a staple for many occasions, from traditional marriage ceremonies to glamorous dinner parties. You can never go wrong when wearing a three piece tux and will always make a fine impression on the onlookers. Though black tuxedos are all time favorite, you may try other colors such as midnight blue and purple to deliver a strong fashion statement. All in all, tux is a solid investment that you can blindly trust for any occasion in any season for a dapper look.

Wrap Up

A bespoke suit is a sound investment for a stylish appeal while maintaining professional composure. When it comes to ordering a custom tailored suit, make sure you go for a reputable custom clothing boutique. FitWel Custom Clothing, a one-stop destination for custom tailored men’s suit, is one such name. Fit-Wel Custom Clothes has a team of seasoned craftsmen specializing in creating intricate hand tailored suits. Select a suit fabric and schedule an appointment with Fit-Wel craftsmen to get a suit customized with a unique flair. You can also visit one of our showrooms located in Los Angeles & North Hollywood or call (310) 479-2099 / 1-800-FIT-SUIT.