A custom tailored suit is one of the most expensive additions to a man’s wardrobe. Investing in custom tailored clothing is a smart choice, however, it needs proper care and maintenance to withstand the test of time. Despite the fact that custom suits are made of high quality material, an unkempt suit is likely to quickly get worn out. To help, here are a few of tips to make your bespoke clothing, including custom tailored suits last longer.

How to make your Bespoke Suits lasts longer

1. Avoid Stuffing Pockets

Your suit pockets, especially inner pockets are not there to store heavy items. As inner pockets are made of delicate fabric, keeping heavy objects such as car keys and wallet, can stretch the fabric and result in saggy pockets.

2. Go for Less Dry Cleaning

The popular notion that dry cleaning is best to maintain your clothes is a myth. If we go by the rule of thumb, it is advisable to dry clean your bespoke suits once or twice a year, depending on the usage. Chemicals used in dry cleaning can result in thinning of natural fiber or fabric of your suit.

3. Use a Soft-bristled Brush for Cleaning

Dust, dirt or lint accumulated on your suit, if left untreated, can damage its fabric. It is, therefore, advisable to brush your suit with a soft-bristled suit brush before hanging it in the wardrobe. Brush your suit after every use coupled with occasional use of a lint roller. This is sure to enhance the life of your bespoke suits.

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4. Use only Wooden Hangers

Wire hangers are a strict no, if you want to enhance the life of your bespoke suit. Wire hangers usually leave indentation on trousers and can also damage the shape of the shoulder of your bespoke jacket. Instead use wooden hangers and hang your suit in a manner that the fabric has enough room to breathe.

5. Treat Stains Immediately

In order to maintain the sheen of your custom tailored suit, it is advisable to remove stains, especially food stains, immediately. That said, use chemical free or natural stain remover, as harsh chemicals can damage your suit’s fabric. If it’s a stubborn stain give your suit to a professional cleaner. Do not try to wash the stain, as it may worsen the problem.

Wrapping up

In addition, if you carry your custom tailored suit when travelling, you need to ensure that the packing allows the suit fabric to breathe properly. Invest in a garment bag that is breathable and light to keep your suit cool. Hope this brief read helps you enhance the shine and life of your custom tailored clothing, so that you get more value for your investment. If you wish to learn more about custom tailored clothing in Los Angeles and North Hollywood, feel free to call at +1 310-479-2099 or (818) 761-6202.