Bespoke or custom tailored clothing is not only ideal to be worn at special occasions, but is also perfect for professional meetups. Investing in a carefully thought-out bespoke suit, shirt or trouser, however, may not be enough unless you complement it with the right accessories. From the color of the shoes to the print of the pocket square, every detail matters in getting that sophisticated appeal. Continuing the discussion, this blog post lists seven simple rules to don bespoke clothing.

Seven simple rules to get the perfect look with bespoke clothing –

1. Match the Tie with the Lapel

A lapel is the part that’s just below the collar formed by folding over the front edges of the suit. The golden rule for a formal look is that the width of the tie should always match the suit’s lapel. Get a trendy bespoke suit with thin lapel and match it with thin collar and tie. If you go for a broad lapel, make sure you team it up with a broad tie.

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2. Match Socks with the Trousers

Many men do not pay any attention to the socks, which is quite surprising as they play a subtle but vital role in defining their look. The socks should be long enough to ensure skin is not visible when sitting down. About the color, the socks should match the color of the trouser. If you’re in the mood for something dynamic, try solid or color-blocked socks.

3. Select the Right Shoes

Selecting the right shoes for your custom tailored clothing is essential to make an impression, especially when going for power dressing. To put your best foot foward, shop for shoes that blend well with the color of your suit. Black colored shoes, for instance, complement nearly every color, whereas brown colored shoes go well with selected colors, such as blue and light grey.

4. Go for a Subtle Pocket Square

A pocket square is an essential addition for a classy look. Pocket squares are available in a variety of colors and pattern, allowing you to experiment with styling. That said, you must not go overboard with it, and match it with the pattern or color of the shirt or tie.

5. Match the Belt with Shoes

Matching your belt with shoes is a must for formal styling. A belt with the same colored shoes is crucial for creating that sophisticated charm. Leather belts with metal finish are in vogue. Match the belt with your shoes, but make sure its length is suitable for your waist.

6. Keep the Undershirt Fully Covered

No matter how well a bespoke suit fits you, a visible undershirt can spoil the look. Either go for a V-neck undershirt or close the top button of the shirt. Do not ditch the undershirt altogether, as the sweat stains will result in even more disastrous look and may even ruin the shirt.

7. Select the Right Style for the Occasion

You must also pay attention to the the type of suit you wear for different occasions. Single-breasted suit, for instance, have two-button options and worn with a waistcoat and perfect for a casual gathering, such as wedding and proms. Double-breasted suit, on the other hand, with four to six-button options are perfect for tall men looking for an elegant and conservative look.

Parting Words

The clothes and accessories you carry define your personality, which is why it is crucial to pay attention to every detail when dressing up. While you can always buy accessories from online stores or any local market, when it comes to ordering bespoke clothing, make sure you choose a reputable name in the business, such as FitWel Custom Clothes. We are a one-stop boutique for custom men’s clothing with expertise in designing impeccable bespoke suits, shirts, trousers, and jackets. Choose from an extensive range of fabrics for comfortable clothings. To discuss your requirements, book an appointment or reach us at (310) 694-5028 or 1-800-FIT-SUIT.