Talking of Men’s Fashion. Nothing beats Custom Tailored Clothing.

So – whether it’s a Shirt OR a Suit, the custom-made feature will always lead you into confidence. The custom done apparel would definitely offer you an unparalleled style & persona quotient.

From fitting to fabric, many components go into getting that perfect suit for you. While a tailor takes a responsibility for the fitting the suit, and provide a best comfort on your body, picking the right fabric is equally important, to make the final garment rest on you comfortably .

A variety of fabrics include Cotton, Wool, English Flannel and a few more. And – can be chosen for your bespoke / custom made suit. But – your choice should be influenced by factors such as Season / Climate, an Occasion or a Purpose.

Knowledge of the different types of suiting fabrics helps you make an informed decision. Let’s explore and find out a little more about these fabrics.


Generally acknowledged as a luxury fabric. It’s a form of wool that is also available as a blend with worsted wool. Suits made of cashmere have an added shine. If you are game for something fancy or a casual look, cashmere may be a suitable fabric.

Best  Choice for: All Seasons.

Worsted Wool

It’s a compact fabric that (unlike other types of wool) is worsted and not spun. Its got no brittle fibres, leaving only the longest fibre strands in the fabric. The fabric is durable, making it an ideal suiting fabric if you wear suits on a regular basis. Worsted wool cloth can be made into various different patterns such as stripes, checks, window pane and self design patterns. Worsted fibers can be dyed into different shades and can be produced in different weights.

Best  Choice for: All Seasons. All Occasions


Silk is a natural protein fiber derived from the larvae cocoons of the mulberry silkworm, which is why it is an expensive fabric. Both, men and women swear by silk’s comfort and regard it as one of the most breathable fabrics for suits and other apparel. It is an excellent option in varying temperatures. Silk custom men and women’s suits fit most body types.

Best  Choice for: All formal / Informal Events.


It’s the most popular clothing fabric globally. Both genders prefer cotton-made shirts, t-shirts, custom men and women’s suits, and other apparel. It is derived from plant fibers, which is why cotton-made clothing offers better fitting and breathes well. Select cotton material for your suit during spring, summer, and autumn. One of the primary reasons behind cotton’s popularity is that it suits most body types and casual occasions.

Best  Choice for: All Casual Wear  or Events.


Polyester is made from synthetic materials and blended with wool to ensure low cost. This makes it an ideal proposition for men or women shopping for the best fabric on budget. Suits made of polyester are not recommended for warm weather, as they do not breathe well. The fabric shines a lot more when compared with natural alternatives such as wool and cotton – thus making it fine for casual events.

Best  Choice for: All Casual Events.

The Bottom Line

When checking out the suiting fabric options, take the fabric weight into consideration, as it defines the type of material that is suitable for each season.

Also, your body type and level of comfort must influence your search for the best suiting fabric.

Having finalized the fabric, consult a renowned custom tailored clothing provider for the design of a bespoke suit. FitWel Custom Clothes is a reputable custom tailored clothing services provider serving the United States with two showrooms in LA and travelling tailors all over the USA. We have team of dedicated tailors who stitch custom tailored shirts, suits, and other clothing items as per customer’s desired fitting. To discuss your custom tailored clothing requirements, understand ‘How it Works‘, book an appointment or call our stylist at 310-479-2099 or 1-800-4-FIT-WEL.