Your style says a lot about you, without having to utter a word. Whether you are going for a job interview, business dinner, conference, or attending a wedding ceremony, it is important to select the right suit for the occasion. Though you can go for countless styles and patterns if you invest in custom men’s suits, it is still important to have some basic knowledge about the available options. To help you make the correct choice, whatever the occasion, we share some essential suit options for every occasion.

1. Interviews

First impressions last. You may have some of the best credentials and extensive experience in your domain, but you still have to be careful about how you present yourself during interviews. Wearing a hand-tailored suit is the key to making a positive impression. Go for a single-breasted suit with a two-button closure and flap pockets that show attention to detail. The style compliments every body type and is among the most preferred choices in all seasons. Choose colors such as black, grey, or navy blue. Pair it with a plain white shirt, tie which compliments, and a pair of black shoes.

2. Family Get Togethers

As fashion keeps changing every season, it is likely that the off-the-rack  suit that you purchased last year is currently out of fashion. Custom tailored suits, on the other hand, offer timeless charm and never go out of fashion. For formal family gatherings or any social event, we suggest going for a black super-slim one-button bespoke suit with narrow lapels, short length jacket, and a pair of trousers that sits perfectly atop black high shine dancing shoes. For a casual look, wear the suitwith a white open neck shirt.

3. Business Dinners

Business dinners are no less important than business meetings. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing your attire. Go for a simple, yet sophisticated, single breasted slim cut hand tailored suit, teamed with a narrow black tie. A deep charcoal bespoke suit is a contemporary choice. If you want to make the look more urbane, instead of a plain pocket square, go for a patterned pocket square.

4. Weddings

When you or a loved one is getting married, the last thing you want is to attend the do in an oversized, or outlandishly patterned suit. You need to make sure that the suit you choose is the right pick for the occasion. Opt for a stylish three-piece design hand-tailored suit or a black tuxedo – sure failsafe options for weddings. Woven Pinstripes, self woven checks, and houndstooths are some of the contemporary choices in wedding suits.

Time to Suit-up!

Though you may go for cheap off-the-rack suits, you wouldn’t want to risk gracing such an important occasion in an ill-fittedsuit. Investing in hand tailored men’s suits assures you a perfect fit and bespoke style. In addition, bespoke suits allow adjustments to fit your size, no matter whether you have recently gained or lost weight. FitWel Custom Clothes has experienced craftsmen that are highly skilled and use the best techniques, tools, and materials to create the best attire for you using natural fiber threads. To schedule an  appointment with our custom tailor,  call us at (310) 694-5028/1-800-FIT-SUITor mail at