Wearing custom tailored suits may not be a rocket science, but it does require you to follow some basic dressing rules. From choosing the right fabric to deciding the right suit cut and style, you need to be careful about every choice you make. In this post, we list some simple tips to don custom tailored suits like a gentleman.

Tips for mastering the Art of Wearing Custom Tailored Suits –

Decide the Fabric Pattern and Suit Style

When shopping for custom tailored suits you will come across countless fabric patterns, such as twill, houndstooth, herringbone, windowpane check, and pinstripe. After choosing your favorite pattern, decide the suit cut and style suiting your body type and lifestyle. Choose from the three most popular suit cuts – the American cut, the British cut, or the Italian cut.

Follow the 3 Button Rule

There is a social protocol of buttoning up suits. If you like to wear a three button suit you must know the three button rule, which is Sometime, Always, and Never rule. It says, first button can be sometimes buttoned up along with the middle one mostly depending on the lapel. Always button up the middle button but not the last button. Buttoning up the last button can ruin the finish or flare offered by the middle button.

Mix and Match Shirts and Ties

Matching ties with solid color shirts is easier than patterned ones. When choosing a tie for a patterned shirt, establish the primary color of the shirt, then choose a similar color tie. That said, the tie is always darker than the shirt. If you are going for pattern ties, again mix and match the tie pattern with the shirt. For example, go for heraldic club tie for striped shirt and plaid slub tie for gingham check shirt.

Learn the Art of Wearing a Tie

The width of your tie’s knot should be in proportion with the size of your shirt’s collar and the width of the tie should match the width of the lapel. About the length, the tie shouldn’t go beyond the buckle or waistband of the pants. If you are using a tie bar, place it between the third and fourth button holes of your shirt.

Pay Especial Attention to the Trousers

No trousers, slacks or pants should need a belt to stay on your hips. There should be one break in the pant leg. Avoid pleats for a polished look. In addition, shorter men should go for a little to no break, whereas taller man should go for a good break to anchor down the height.

Wrapping Up

Whether looking for an elegant attire for the prom or a perfect dress for a conference or a job interview, hand tailored suits and shirts make an ideal choice. When shopping for a custom tailored suit it is important to pay attention to the details to get the right look. Trust only the renowned names in the industry for the perfect custom tailored clothing. We, at FitWel Custom Clothes with years of experience in custom tailoring are well placed to help you master the perfect gentleman look with hand tailored suits. To schedule an appointment with our custom tailor, call us at (310) 694-5028/1-800-FIT-SUITor mail at info@FitWel.com.