Shirt shopping considerations, for most men, is limited to fabric quality, color, and length of the shirt. Textures, collar and cuff style often take a back seat, although they are as important as other elements. The collar is especially crucial to get the perfect look. The different shirt collar styles give you the flexibility to experiment with your look, and even differentiate between shirts for work, occasions, and events. Custom tailored shirts allow you to experiment with your shirt’s look and appeal. Before you consult a renowned custom tailored shirt boutique to design your shirts, make sure you are aware of the different collar options that you can try. To help, this blog post details the different shirt collar styles. Read on.

Different Shirt Collar Styles

Shirt collars are differentiated on the basis of the collar points, collar point length, collar band, collar height, tie space, and spread. With regards these specifications, shirt collars are categorized into five principal styles discussed below.

Button Down

The button down shirt collar is one of the oldest styles that’s still going strong. The added collar buttons help in holding the tie securely, making shirts with button down collar ideal for formal events. That said, shirts with a button down collar can be worn without a tie at casual events, paired with chinos and loafers for a sporty look. The versatility of button down collars allows you to experiment with your look without doing anything drastic.


The club collar came onto the scene around early 20th century, giving an exciting twist to the traditional shirt. A shirt with club collar enhances your facial features and offers sophisticated flare to your personality. Even though the collar may look stylish and different, it is a great option for formal events and goes with your favourite tie. The club collar suits people with thin face shapes as it can enhance those areas.

English Spread

As the name suggests, the English spread shirt collar has an open neck area, making it ideal for formal shirts. English spread shirt collar allows you to celebrate your style without going overboard. You can, for instance, either wear a tie or leave open buttons for the perfect look. If you wish to wear a tie, try Windsor Knot, as it enhances the shirt collar’s appeal. The collar generally suits individuals with narrow face shapes or long and thin facial features, as it makes the face appear more flattering. If you have a round face and want to wear an English spread collar, wear it without a tie and leave the shirt collar unbuttoned.

Forward Point

Forward point collar is easily the most popular shirt collar, as it features on nearly 90 percent of men’s shirts. It has sharper end points with close width between the endpoints, giving a neutral appeal. That is why shirts with forward collar point are perfect for every occasion. You can wear a tie for a formal look or leave the collar unbutton during casual outing. Forward point collar is the best option if you have round or oval face, but not a narrow face cut.

Neck Band

Neck band collar doesn’t looks like a shirt collar. It feature a slimmer collar band, minus collar blade or fold, giving it a versatile appeal. A shirt with neck band collar looks great for both formal and casual events, and can be tucked in or left out. You can even pair a neck band collared shirt with a blazer. The best thing about the collar style is that it suits every face shape and gives out an elegant look.

Wrapping Up

A shirt collar is all about you. It represents your style and personality. This is why it is crucial to choose the right shirt collar. Remember that not all shirt collars suit every face shape. Keeping all the considerations in mind, choose something that will enhance your persona. If unable to decide on the best collar style for your custom tailored shirt, FitWel Custom Clothes is there to help. We are a reputable custom tailored shirt maker. We design stylish custom men and women’s shirts. Select from a range of finest fabrics and discuss your requirements with our tailors for perfectly fitting custom tailored shirts made into style of your choice and desired fit. Book an appointment or call us at 310-479-2099 / 1-800-FIT-SUIT.